Mullion Group joins Global Peatlands Initiative


Mullion Group joins Global Peatlands Initiative

Mullion Group joins Global Peatlands Initiative

The Mullion Group is pleased to announce that we have joined the growing list of members of the Global Peatlands Initiative. The Initiative is an effort to save peatlands and the globally significant carbon stored within them.

Peat develops over long periods where water-logged conditions slow the decomposition of organic matter, leading to a build up of semi-decomposed organic matter. Peatlands occur from the tropics to the high northern latitudes and are thought to be one of the worlds largest terrestrial carbon stores. Recent estimates indicate that almost 3% of earth's land surface is peatland.

Peatlands are under significant pressure from global change. High latitude peatlands are under pressure from increasing temperatures while the draining of peatlands for agriculture is a significant driver of peat loss in the tropics.

Members can contribute to the initiative through their field of expertise to help improve the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of peatlands. Mullion Group is hoping to be able to contribute through our expertise and systems in the measurement and estimation of land based carbon.

If you think that you could contribute to the initiative, the link is -



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