Associate Professor Cris Brack joins the Mullion team


Associate Professor Cris Brack joins the Mullion team

Associate Professor Cris Brack joins the Mullion team


Mullion Group further extends capabilities to deliver Nature-Based Solutions through FLINTpro – hires Associate Professor Cris Brack as Chief Biometrician


Nature-Based Solutions Analytics company, the Mullion Group, is thrilled to announce the hiring of Associate Professor Cris Brack as Chief Biometrician. The hiring expands the offerings of our flagship service, FLINTpro, further increasing our capacity in NBS analysis.

“FLINTpro is the world's leading system for integrating remote sensing data, models and ground measurements for land sector analysis to support carbon markets and ESG reporting. The models we apply are industry standard, but all models require measurements for calibration and validation and many of our clients request additional support for this” says Rob Waterworth, CEO of The Mullion Group. “Getting sampling and measurement right is hard. Getting it wrong or using outdated methods leads to results that are inconsistent, slow, costly and less accurate. To support our growing roster of clients to address the measurement issue efficiently, I am thrilled to announce that the FLINTpro venture has added Dr. Cris Brack as Chief Biometrician.”

“The Mullion Group has assembled a world class team of environmental scientists, software engineers, investors, and advisors.” says Cris. “I am particularly excited to build upon the established success of FLINTpro by bringing modern sampling and measurement methods to market. These methods have advanced considerably over the past decade, allowing for better results from less effort, but most remain stuck in academia and are not being applied more broadly. This role provides me with a unique opportunity to incorporate these methods within the FLINTpro offering.”

“Cris brings decades of experience working with industry and designing and building efficient sampling regimes, plant growth models, and research programs” notes Rob. “His deep understanding of measurement issues, combined with a unique ability to explain them in simple terms, gives us an ever-greater reach across the entire process of land monitoring. The opportunity to bring these to market through FLINTpro is extremely exciting.”

Prior to his new role, Cris served as Associate Professor specialising in Forest Measurement and Modelling at the Australian National University where he led numerous research programs in the areas of applied statistics (for sampling), data acquisition (from remotely sensed imagery and ground-based surveys), modelling (of tree and stand dynamics), and expert and decision support systems (as integrating methods). Cris was the inaugural Chair and Professor of Forestry at the Waiariki Institute (Rotorua, New Zealand) and subsequently became the Director of Research. Cris’ previously worked as the Senior Inventory Officer for the NSW Government responsible for quantifying the growth and value of plantations and native forests of NSW.

FLINTpro: Allowing Companies to Embrace Big Data Solutions for the Land Sector

To mitigate the long-term risks of climate change, and to deliver on commitments to the United Nations’ Paris Climate Agreement, policy makers, investors, and business leaders require new and more dynamic, enterprise-level management tools for environmental data. Meeting this need is key to unlocking the potential of nature-based solutions.

To meet this market demand, The Mullion Group and its partners developed a software system, FLINTpro™ that enables organizations to calculate and track greenhouse gas emissions from changes in land use and land management, through time and space, quickly and transparently. FLINTpro™ is uniquely scalable, allowing companies to use a combination of global, national and local data to produce estimates of emissions and other environmental metrics from the farm through to full enterprise level. FLINTpro™ resolves historically challenging data management issues of high-resolution traceability, jurisdictional nesting, GHG-methodology consistency, and integration of third-party data sets to provide useful policy and land management information.

About Mullion Group

Nature-Based Solutions analytics company Mullion Group was formed in 2014 from leaders of the Australian national carbon accounting team to address the vast information needs within the growing solutions focused on land sector climate change mitigation. Backed by Synovia Capital and Ananta it launched its leading analytics system FLINTpro in 2019 to pursue the commercial opportunities within the fast-growing climate data analytics industry. Headquartered in Canberra Australia, the company works with clients worldwide in government, corporate enterprise, academic, NGO and financial investment and services industry sectors to pursue the commercial opportunities within the fast-growing climate data analytics industry.

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