Meet the developers of FLINTpro

The Mullion Group

The Mullion Group brings exciting and innovative enterprise software concepts to life. Backed by leading environmental scientists and passionate software developers, The Mullion Group inject innovation into environmental reporting by creating solutions that every organisation, and every person can use.

As advisors, The Mullion Group team of scientists (and foresters) consult to governments, NGOs and developing countries as well as collaborate with the CSIRO to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. They are internationally recognised for their expertise in greenhouse gas inventory systems for the land sector.

As a SaaS company, The Mullion Group create software solutions that package the complex data modelling and scientific calculations that underpin their consulting expertise, into easy to use software solutions.

Team Members

Rob Waterworth - Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rob Waterworth

Chief Executive Officer

Rob has nearly 20 years’ experience in land sector emissions estimation from project to national scales, including as a UNFCCC review expert and lead author for the IPCC Guideline. He has extensive expertise in linking policy and research to build technical systems to support sustainable land management.

James Leitch - Chief Operating Officer

James Leitch

Chief Operating Officer

Jim is a software engineer with 25 years of experience, specialising in large scale modelling. He played a key role in the development of the Australian carbon accounting system (FullCAM). He's worked with policy makers, government and international agencies. Jim is currently co-leading the development and implementation of FLINTpro.

Malcolm Francis - Chief Technology Officer

Malcolm Francis

Chief Technology Officer

Malcolm is a software engineer specialising in large scale modelling systems, scientific computing, and systems architecture. He has worked in business, government, and the consulting industry. Malcolm has worked in government, private enterprise, and consulting industries delivering large scale complex systems.

John Raison - Chief Science Advisor

Dr. John Raison

Chief Science Advisor

John is a leading soil scientist who has contributed his expertise to national and international forest policy issues as Chief Research Scientist of the CSIRO in Australia. He is a global expert in organic matter dynamics, nutrient cycling and forest growth. Most recently John chaired the Technical Committee of the High Carbon Stock Science Study.

Bryan Adkins - Relationship Manager

Bryan Adkins

Relationship Manager

Bryan specialises in the design of national, sub- national and corporate monitoring, reporting and verification systems for the land sector. He previously worked for the Alberta Climate Change Office and has significant experience in REDD+ policy development, forest restoration and REDD+ project development.

Geoff Roberts - Business Manager

Geoff Roberts

Business Manager

Geoff is a forester with strong technical skills in national and project level carbon accounting, as well as project-level method development. He has worked on carbon accounting methods for Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund, Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania.

Robert de Ligt - Business Manager

Robert de Ligt

Business Manager

Rob is an environmental scientist with experience in national scale MRV, program management and policy analysis. He has worked on MRV design and operation in Australia, the Philippines, and Kenya. Rob is an IPCC lead author for the refinement of the 2006 guidelines, and has experience as a UNFCCC and FCPF expert reviewer.

Marcela Olguin - Relationship Manager

Marcela Olguin

Relationship Manager

Marcela has worked in carbon science for over 18 years with government, academia and NGOs. Her experience across Mexico and Latin America has included the design and implementation of national Monitoring, Reporting and Verification systems for the LULUCF sector and mitigation scenario analyses.

Patama Parivatanamisorn - Head of Program Management

Patama Parivatanamisorn

Head of Program Management

Patama is an all-round PRINCE2 and Agile certified IT Delivery Manager with domestic and international work experience in complex organisations of all sizes. Her track record includes more than 15 years in fields such as engineering, IT, digital transformation, healthcare, consumer lifestyle, and security & authorisation. Patama drives product delivery and development and increases customer happiness across products and services.

Kaushik Sangem -

Kaushik Sangem

Katie Mills -

Katie Mills

Harris Law Yee Fat -

Harris Law Yee Fat

Advisory Board

James Baker - Adviser

D. James Baker


Jim is a scientist, administrator and consultant. He is involved in the UN Food and Agricultural Organization and the Global Observations Initiative. He is former administrator of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Jim is passionate about helping developing countries manage their land sector to become more climate-resilient.

Holt Thrasher - Adviser

B. Holt Thrasher


With more than 35 years of experience in investment banking, IT and consulting, he currently is Founder and CEO of Synovia Capital, an investment fund focused on ecosystem management with the data analytics sector.

Mark Caron - Adviser

Mark Caron


Mark is a serial software and technology entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience founding and advising startups and early-stage companies. He’s passionate about identifying new product and service opportunities in dynamic markets.