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FLINTpro® empowers organisations to effectively manage land-sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. FLINTpro® simplifies the processing of large and complex data sets, applies the latest scientific and analytical models, and runs advanced simulations. FLINTpro® communicates the results in visually compelling ways to policy-makers, stakeholders and scientific program teams.

Our history


Mullion Group is the developer of the world’s first online land based data integration software system, FLINTpro®. Lead by internationally recognised experts in greenhouse gas inventory systems for the land sector, Mullion Group has influenced climate change solutions since inception in 2014.

In 2016, Mullion Group partnered with the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Canadian Forest Service, and scientific professionals from around the world to develop the Full Lands Integration Tool (FLINT). The opportunity to launch FLINTpro®, the fully integrated software system for the land sector, was born soon thereafter.

FLINTpro® quickly accomplished global reach and large impact with hundreds of natural climate solution projects supported and reviewed. Backed by leading environmental scientists and passionate software developers, Mullion Group continues to inject innovation into environment reporting by creating FLINTpro® solutions that every organisation, and every person with varying skills can use.

Our team

Dr. Rob Waterworth

Executive Officer

Malcolm Francis

Head of

James Leitch

Operating Officer

Natalie Hughes

Strategy Officer

Geoff Roberts

Project &
Supply Chain

Robert de Ligt

Corporate & Government Projects

Steve Atkins

of Software

Margot Sachse

Margot Sachse

Financial Controller

Cris Brack


Dr. Gary Richards


Natalie DoranBrowne

Dr. Natalie Doran-Browne

of Science:
Agricultural Emissions

Oliver Miltenberger

Global Head of Applied Science and Emerging Markets

Dr. Philipp Kilham

Growth Modelling

Katie Mills

Environmental Software Developer

Harrison McKenzie-McHarg

Spatial Modelling Expert

Maurice Oldham

Energy and Climate Policy Expert

Marcela Olguin

Accounting Expert

Kaushik Sangem

Software Developer

Hayden Reinke

Spatial Modelling Expert

Zeruo Liu

Software Developer

Terence Johnson

Terence Johnson

Junior Spatial Analyst

Elaine Jin

Elaine Jin

Carbon Analyst Support

Board of Directors

Dr. James Baker

Board Member

B. Holt Thrasher

Board Member

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