The Mullion Group, a land sector emissions software company, announced today their partnership with the University of Sunshine Coast in risk management for  a mining site, which will enable researchers to derive estimations of carbon emissions and sequestrations for the first time.

As the half-century-long pattern of deforestation and mining of the forest near Weipa of northern Australia continues, researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast subscribe to FLINTpro to assess environmental and social impact. 

Since the 1960s, the native forest around Weipa in northern Australia has been cleared and burned for bauxite mining on an annual basis. Bauxite mining in this region is likely to continue for many more decades.

With the help of FLINTpro, researchers will be able to derive temporally and spatially explicit estimations of the related carbon emissions and sequestrations for the first time. The results from the FLINTpro runs will be incorporated into a peer-reviewed publication. 

A team of scientists from the  Tropical Forest & People Research Center at USC is now using a subscription to FLINTpro to estimate historical carbon emissions from forest clearing associated with the mining. On the mining sites, complex patterns of clearing, mine rehabilitation, and subsequent clearing of regrowth for further mining can be observed.  

“Bauxite mining has been a constant annual procedure in the forests near Weipa for over half a century, but no one has taken the time to evaluate the potential environmental and social risks that come with that amount of continuous deforestation and mining patterns,” said Senior Research Fellow with the Tropical Forests and People Research Mark Annandale. 

“We cannot continue to passively watch this monumental environmental toll be taken on our immediate environment and assume that it has no effect. FLINTpro is the best resource that we have for monitoring and reporting the carbon emissions that come from procedures such as these.”

About FLINTpro

FLINTpro, developed by The Mullion Group, is a first-in-kind system that integrates a broad range of data and innovative earth-sensing technologies to measure and manage carbon gains and losses — GHG sinks and sources — across all land uses including forests, agriculture, pastures, coastal areas, and soils. Trusted by leaders in finance, government, and business, their team of experts empowers decision-makers to see the opportunities in doing business in a nature-positive way.

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