FLINTpro intelligence

FLINTpro® is a complete software system used to report and forecast environmental information and variables. Its sophisticated design enables integration of geospatial and remote sensing data with advanced scientific models.

FLINTpro® is built to give users flexibility with choice of environmental data inputs.

You can start quickly with a range of FLINTpro® preloaded data sets, import your own data, or access our global network of partners who supply leading land sector remote sensing data sets that are accurate and tailored to any chosen geography.

FLINTpro delivery models

FLINTpro Subscription

Web based SaaS for your organisation. A complete end-to-end solution, with data storage and management, cloud simulation, results visualisation, and analytics. Self-run or supported simulations within a secure organisation account supporting multiple users.

FLINTpro Customised

Should our range of standard data, models and outputs not meet your needs, we can develop a customised solution. This could be as simple as support for new data layers, through to the integration of new models.


Integrate FLINTpro® within your own systems. Tailored solutions range from simulation capability, through to FLINTpro® output results services.

FLINTpro design benefits


Our modular design means models and analytical processes can be added as they are created or as the data becomes available. This can be biodiversity, financial, soil, or forest growth models.


FLINTpro® can be configured to model forests and other land types depending on the reporting needs, data availability, and output requirements. It covers all IPCC Tiers, 1, 2, and 3, and can align with specific modeling frameworks such as those required under market mechanisms and credit programs.


FLINTpro® is not “hard coded” to a specific data set or area. Therefore, it can be configured to nearly all of the remote sensing products that are available. This allows it to “keep-up” with this rapidly progressing industry and ensures the use of the most suitable data products available for a given project.


FLINTpro® data inputs and outputs are kept in a spatial format to enable analysis of spatial patterns and to allow the aggregation of data based on temporal and/or spatial attributes, depending on project requirements.

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