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land sector data.

FLINTpro is a data integration tool that allows you to calculate and track greenhouse gas emissions from changes in land use, through time and space, quickly and transparently. Produce dynamic time series maps and an information narrative that helps empower your organisation's land management decisions.

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Fueled by terraPulse data streams, FLINTpro translates forest monitoring into actionable insights for carbon management.

Joseph Sexton

FLINTpro is an important tool to support MRV, we know where and by how much carbon stocks and emissions are changing, and we can monitor emission reduction targets and develop mitigation scenarios.

Haruni Krisnawati

Senior Researcher / Forest Carbon Accounting Expert
Ministry of Environment of Forestry Indonesia
Mullion Group has developed the FLINTpro that can be used in any country to drive the national system. All the country needs is to feed FLINTpro with data. In the absence of country specific data, a country can start with global data and scale up over time.

Jackson Kimani

Regional Director for Africa
Clinton Climate Initiative


Whether your company is working toward carbon neutrality, transparent supply chain emissions, or investing in carbon markets, you can use FLINTpro to analyse and visualise the impact on carbon emissions.


FLINTpro can be used on a local, regional, or national level to calculate carbon emissions and sequestration transparently, empower decisions and create report ready outputs in line with UNFCCC reporting guidelines.

International Organisations

FLINTpro can run models quickly and analyse data on greenhouse gas emissions and sequestration from changes in land use. FLINTpro can also provide a platform to manage compliance information for multiple organisations under reporting obligations.

What you can do with FLINTpro

Get Results Quickly

FLINTpro can run fine scale time series models across large areas using fast cloud based processing

Forecast Impact

Use simulations to forecast results of policy or project decisions

Analyse Results at Any Level

Analyse calculation results at project, regional and national levels

Manage Data Integration

Integrate large quantities of spatial and temporal data into actionable results

Dynamic Data Maps

Visualise modelling results through time and space

Secure Online Interface

Secure cloud hosted interface for data and modelling management

Transparent, Credible Data

Build credible simulations using a transparent platform tracking your data from origin, through the modelling and results

Our Story

"We developed FLINTpro with a group of international experts in environmental analytics and scientific software with almost two decades of experience developing analytical tools across 7 different countries. This experience has allowed Mullion to build FLINTpro, an innovative new software service that, for the first time, provides land managers, companies, and governments with easy access to advanced, scalable and fully operational analysis systems for the land sector. Today, both governments and businesses use FLINTpro to quickly build systems to measure greenhouse gas emissions and removals, create compelling data visualizations, and support timely data-driven decisions regarding land use."

Rob Waterworth
PhD in Environmental Science | CEO Mullion Group

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